NFT-Powered Communities

What if your NFTs were keys to access unique content and experiences from your favorite creators? Well, Komon Keys made this possible!

What are Komon Keys?

  They are NFTs you purchase within Komon to access exclusive communities from your favorite creators. You can resell, rent, or give them away to transfer your community membership!

Join a Community

Get your Komon Keys

Become a part of your favorite creator's career.

Unlock access

Turn your key and join the community.

Enjoy exclusive benefits

Interact with unique content, experiences, and social features.


Create  Freely

Keep your community

No matter whether Komon exists or not, it's yours.

Direct revenue

A new way to monetize your community.

Creator toolkit

Build and manage your community with your portal.

Meet the founders

When asked who we are, we say: “An actor and a violinist.” When asked what we do for a living, we say: “We’ve spent the last eight years helping to build and launch tech products.” We love who we are and what we do. That’s why we are launching Komon.


Worked for these happy people:

Come and build it with us!